Monday, November 23, 2009

Children sleeping in bed with you

Lately it seems everyone has a comment to make about Abigail sleeping with me. I don't understand why people feel the need to voice their opinions especially when they are negative. I remember when she was around 6 months everyone was saying she needed to learn to go to sleep on her own. "Let her cry it out" I believe is what they said. I'm sorry but at 6 months old babies don't need to cry it out or comfort themselves. All they need to know is when they need their mommy, she's there. I still feel that way now even though Abigail is four. It such a short time that they what to cuddle, why not enjoy it? I know eveyone parents differently, but I would never say anything negative about how someone parents their child. What has me thinking about this is that I have baby fever really bad. We have been talking babout having another baby. I have been thinking off all the things I would do this this time around. Sleeping arrangements would not change. That's my opinion for the day. lol :-)


  1. Ayla starts out in her bed but climbs in our bed around 3am in the morning... it doesn't bother me too much, I just don't sleep well with her feet in my face, etc.. I don't know what we will do when Brennan starts climbing in our bed.. I guess get a bigger

    Seriously don't worry about what other people think, your sleeping arrangements are none of their business anyway...

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. We all sleep together here! Even Adrian!