Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Photos

I took Abigail out to get her Christmas photos done yesterday. It's so hard to get a pretty natural smile out her. You have to make her laugh really. The lady that took the photos thought she could make a 4 yr old laugh the same way you make a baby laugh. Oh well! Atleast we got a few good ones. It was her sale. lol I always buy them all but not this time. Here's what made the cut. These ones are cute. :-) Her dress is from Gymboree and shoes are from Target. Lovin our Target shoes!!!


  1. How the pictures, I am so glad you found the dress!! yes we also love target shoes, we just had Christmas pics taken with the red target So you liked the Petti also, can't wait to see pics!!


  2. Her cute little cheesey smile is what makes her. Very cute pictures!