Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall, Halloween decorating, and Christmas jammies

I am falling behind on my blogging again. I still have my fingers crossed for some readers. :-)
We have been decoating the yard for Halloween and getting very excited. Every night we take a walk around the subdivision before bed, to look at everyone's decorations. She had to wear her Zebra coat and Christmas jammies. She throw a huge fit at Target to get those too. Obviously, she won.

This week was orange week at her school. She got to wear my favorite Halloween/Fall outfit. It's from Janie and Jack several years ago. It took me forever to find it but it was like Christmas morning when I did. ha ha! Why do I get so excited about my daughter's clothing? Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. I love it! She also wore another favorite. It's from Gap last fall, Boho line. We love decorating our home and Abigail for Halloween.

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