Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Show

I have been buying lots of cute outfits for the spring! I am seriously in love with all this cuteness. The outfits pictured are Gymboree, Misha Lulu, MimpPi, and Crew Cuts. After Abigail's bath tonight, she actually let me play dress up with her. lol I had to let her with with my iphone though for doing it. I am also in serious ebay mode right now. I have to clear out some of the clothing and toys. I feel like I'm drowning in it all. Plus it funds the new wardrobe. I just wish things were selling better.

I am having a Matilda Jane virtual trunk show on Feb 15th. Email me if you would like details, want to see photos, or want to order. :) It's tax free and 4.00 shipping. If you have never tried MJ, this is the season to. What I have seen so far is TDF!!!!


  1. Amy loves the polka dat and checked dress...she saw it and said "I want taht dress!"

  2. Amy has great taste! I'll remember that when it's time to pass it on :)