Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My show went okay yesterday. I am so excited about what I ordered. I mean really really excited. I am also having a show for the 2nd release March 15th so, I'd love to have you order from me if you want anything. Send me a message and I'll tell you about my deals. okay, back to my goodies. In love......:) There's more but I'll ad later. I'm running late as usual. lol


  1. Hey girl, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!! I am so excited for HB too. If I had not already been talking to my TK, I would have ordered with you! I will for sure order with you on the next release!! I just got my confirmation today.. so glad I got the cookie and the raven!! Have a great day.. oh also, love your new siggy pic, did Abigail get glasses? they are too cut on her!

  2. I LOVE the dress...my favorite was the tank and tutu skirt!